Billing – The Best Mobile App For Invoicing, Receipt & Client Management

Billing Mobile App for Invoicing

In Nigeria, building a business is a herculean task, I mean the road to greatness is paved with cruel challenges, i.e Government regulations, marketing, staff, finance, etc. I mean I should know because I run a small online business, and these problems are something I’m quite familiar with.

So, in January, on my journey as an awesome mobile developer (🤓  yeah, I said it), I decided to solve one major challenge I noticed several entrepreneurs had. Which is the swift ability to create an invoice, generate receipts, and manage client data that easily aligned with their brand identity without much hassle.

Cue in, Billing, a free app for easy and fast Invoice, Receipt Generator & Client Management App that will turn your android device into a powerful business management tool.

Mobile Invoice App

What is Billing?

Billing is a small business support android mobile app, for invoicing, receipt generation, and client management. It’s the perfect app for invoice and receipt PDF creation, client emailing, calling, and texting reminders. It helps you, the entrepreneur/small business owner save time, stay organized and look professional!

App Features

– Simple, functional, and accessible invoice generator
– Simple, functional, and accessible receipt generator
– Calculate discounts, taxes, and totals
– Business profile inclusive of a logo, owner signature, and custom currency
– Keep track of all your invoices and receipts
– Locally save the invoices and receipts as PDF files, and re-use them with minimal changes.
– This app offers you the best useful, simplistic, and practical template
– Manage clients effectively and successfully.
– Simply tap e-mail or share to send your files to clients instantly via WhatsApp, Text, or Mail and get feedback from them.
– Back up the app and restore the database in case you change your device.

Download and install Billing – Invoice, Receipt Generator & Client Management App on your Android device now and start making your own invoices and receipts for your business.

I'm Omawumi Eyekpimi, PKA LeBelleAmi and I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Lots of Love...xo!!!

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