Danger Zone: No Movement

I woke up to a loud chatter of gun shots, It was 4:00AM, the air outside was cold, it had been raining all night and I had left my windows open, BEDC hadn’t been on duty for days.
The neighbors next door had just started their morning devotion, and suddenly stopped after a loud bang. We all listened in quiet stillness trying to make sense of what was going on. After a while, the morning was back to normal, it was only the “usual” community youths uprising about two streets from mine.
The gunshots continued in succession till about 7:00AM, that was when a friend of mine called to check if I’d left the house safely, I immediately began to understand the severity of the situation, and solicited for an escort just in case.
On getting to the main road, people went about their normal business till the cars started to reverse and people littered everywhere. The intense gunfire had become rampant and close. I ran into a nearby building, and waited for the commotion to settle.
After about an hour, the cars were back, I took a tricycle at double the fare, it was my little price to pay for safety, money well spent?!

I'm Omawumi Eyekpimi, PKA LeBelleAmi and I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Lots of Love...xo!!!

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