Memoirs From My Childhood: The Burning Stove

Ever spent a holiday with your extended family, well I did, at age 6, and here’s how a typical Friday evening went:

Mummy had made a delicious pot of Banga soup the previous day which she kept in the freezer before going out.

Aunt thought it was a good idea to make starch for Mummy, sister and I as dinner (she gets to eat with us, you know how it goes), then she cajoled me to give her the freezer key which I always wore around my neck for safe keeping. Seeing that the kitchen was alight with laughter and aroma, Uncle came in asking for dinner as well, I mean it was supposed to be hush-hush, now dinner would have to empty the pot, and Aunt was not having that!

That was when Aunt went into a hyper mode saying;

“There was no Starch nor Garri.”

Uncle wasn’t backing down, he immediately returned with his own Garri and asked for the kettle, I passed it to him which Aunt flung to a corner of the kitchen, then asked him to leave and only return when she had finished cooking the meal. There was a little tussle and suddenly the tiny clay pot of oily Banga soup turned upside down on the stove igniting a grease fire.

Cousin who had been watching the scene from the door immediately picked up the stove and flung it outside (it was quite fascinating how he did that!), Sister had been playing nonchalantly downstairs for a while, she had worn her favorite nightgown that evening when “it” fell by her feet almost setting her on fire, she took off like Usain Bolt in a 200m dash. That was when the chaos ended, Mummy’s Banga soup could now live in peace.

Till this day I still wonder who actually held a valid claim in the matter?!

I'm Omawumi Eyekpimi, PKA LeBelleAmi and I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Lots of Love...xo!!!

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