One February Evening: My Fancy Red Bag

 I have this red bag that’d gotten from one of those online stores that rhymes with Mia. It was a thing of beauty, so much so that I decided that Valentine’s day was a good day to showcase it, I mean I needed a touch of red right? The gist of the date is a story for another day.

Anyway, after said “date” I was on my way home when I took a detour, what the heck, it was 7:00PM, the night was still young.
We thought it was a good idea to sit by the gate; in front of a closed shop with a wooden table by the side, we could get some air and talk about life. Suddenly two silhouettes in the darkness morphed into men, one tall and lanky, and the other short and stout, I couldn’t see his face but I knew he had a mean streak (ever seen Home Alone?) I quickly dismissed them; by the way, they were holding a nylon bag, anything could be in it including bread!

They started to walk towards us, that’s when the alarms went off, I took a 100M dash in 5 seconds, only then did I realize that I had left my fancy red bag on the table. We had to go get it (insert American action movie with motto: leave no man behind, including your purse).

Back to the danger zone, the dialogue went like this:

Short guy: “But Bros why una dey run?”
Bros: “We no understand the way una take approach”
Short guy: “This one wey una two siddon, una no hear wetin happen for area?”
Bros: “Chairman no vex, na front of our house we dey”
Short guy: “Oya give boys small thing make we take smoke, na we dey guide for here”
Bros: “I hail”

Bros stretches N200 towards short guy who then proceeds with his tall and lanky friend towards the street junction. I quickly took fancy red bag home and laid her to rest. What a good way to debut right?!

I'm Omawumi Eyekpimi, PKA LeBelleAmi and I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Lots of Love...xo!!!

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