Self-Love: The Unending Food For Your Soul

Self Love

Love has dynamic and wonderful as it is, can easily be misunderstood and abused, not to mention those who take advantage of the simplicity and sincerity of others to feel entitled.

There is always a thin line between self-love and selfishness, yes, you can love yourself and others as well, it is possible. The Character and attitude we portray most times are a reflection of what we carry inside us.

If I put myself first too often, I might portray selfishness, If I put the others first, too often, I have not given myself the best there is, hence my self-worth may be threatened.

At all times, having a standard can never be underestimated, you should let others know, what you will tolerate, believe me, or not you are teaching everyone around you the right way to treat you.

Self-care can never be underestimated, you can’t pour water from an empty cup, thus the words of Jesus Christ “Love your neighbour as yourself” if you don’t have self-love how can you give it?

In a certain time in my life, l was that way.

You can only give what you have, 2020 was a very dramatic year, and we do hope 2021 can be much better. So, let us not add to the pressure.

While we take care of others, let us not leave ourselves behind.

Go on Vacations if you need to, try that new Hobby, Travel to that exotic destination you have always dreamt about, buy that dress you have been admiring…Life is too short for regrets.

Be Boundless, Be Intentional, Be You.

I am an International Relations, Diplomacy and Development Executive with great passion for everything humane and progressive. I intend to use my Divine gifts for Humanity's prosperity in more ways than one

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