Time and Space – My Journey to TEDx

“I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else”

– Pablo Picasso

Warri, a dramatic city on the banks of river ethiope, spread across the vast region of southern Nigeria, is on the verge of greater things. As a native of Warri, I’m constantly on the hunt for initiatives bringing a positive attitude to my town. Over the past two months, I’ve been entangled in the world of TEDx, basically drilling the internet for information on TED talks, past events, inspiration, etc. I’ve been a digital Olivia Twist (if he was female) constantly asking for more like the nomads on dusty desert sands. Why was I on the hunt? Well, TED was coming to town and I volunteered for the first TEDx event in Delta State: TedxOkumagbaAve, yes – that “Okumagba Avenue”. Perhaps, more to the point, I know you’re wondering who is TED and what TEDx is?

Ted is a non-profit organization which curates events that brings together leading thinkers and doers for a chance to share thought-provoking ideas from a diverse range of disciplines (i.e. tech, education, entertainment, design, science, policies, entrepreneurship, society, etc…) subject matters collectively shaping our future. It’s more global offspring is TEDx, which is an independently organized event with a deeply rooted foundation in a particular locale. TEDx events are smaller affairs with limited spaces of hundred audience members basically with the main purpose of spreading and consuming ideas!

Now, let’s talk about TEDxOkumagbaAve. It is organized by Ruona Oghuvbu and a team of volunteers who are deeply in touch with vibes of Warri, its audience, issues, and developments. The speakers are dynamic local voices willing to share ideas on their concise perspective, personal stories and interaction with the audience. These brilliant speakers will individually take the stage for 18 minutes to deliver short, knowledgeable and informative content. There will also be debates and stimulating conversations about education, life, and Warri.

Did I hear you say “what’s in it for me? TEDx events are basically filled with amazing people, motivations and ideas, what a great way to network, get first-hand experiences, ideas to work on and obviously connect. As an audience member, the speakers cater to you, be nice, responsive, open-minded and interact.

We’ll all appreciate you! On Saturday, April 28th, we will be holding the first TED talks in Delta State at TEDxOkumagbaAve! Come by and listen to all the cool speakers. There will be talks on Re-engineering The Future amongst other topics.

Here’s the registration link: bit.ly/tedx100thinkers


It was a total blast at the event, I met a whole lot of awesome people who inspired me to keep being me and go “glocal”, it was fun volunteering as the Social Media Lead, and here are a few updates from the event.


TEDx Okumagba Stage
TEDx Okumagba Stage, guess who helped design? 😉
Me! Behind, the cool photo spread of Joshua Newton
Me and my lovely sister Ese, who was also volunteering! #sisterswhovolunteertogether
Me and my lovely sister Ese, who was also volunteering! #sisterswhovolunteertogether
Paul Okoro (ED, Warri Tech Network), Omawumi Ogbe (Speaker and CEO, Glazia), Me!
Paul Okoro (ED, Warri Tech Network), Omawumi Ogbe (Speaker and CEO, Glazia), Me!
Happy Volunteers!!! #team #collaboration
Happy Volunteers!!! #team #collaboration
Happy team>>>
Happy team>>>

Here are links to the TEDxOkumagbaAve Talks:

Back to Basics – Going Glocal | Omawumi Ogbe | TEDxOkumagbaAve

Mediocrity is the Enemy | Tobore Adakaraza | TEDxOkumagbaAve

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